Presidential China Exhibit

Educational Installation

Installation view of Presidential China, May 27, 2021. McNeil Presidential China Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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I was contracted by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to create an interactive kiosk for their Presidential China exhibit.

Located in one of the largest museums in the United States, the Presidential China collection contains timeless ceramic art from all United States presidents. The interactive kiosk within the exhibit features an informative display which conveys information about the pieces, their history, and the presidents who used them.

My Role

Using Unity and a dial knob for input, I designed and developed an interactive scrolling user interface for choosing a US president and reading about their china. Using Cg / HLSL shaders, I wrote a renderer which converts webpages to textures within Unity.

I developed the webpage frontends using CSS, HTML, and JS. I also built a backend content management system using Wordpress so the museum directors can upload content.

I was consulted to design the technical components of the system, from choosing the hardware for the exhibit (including the dial and server), to setting up the machines.


  • Unity / C#
  • HLSL / Cg
  • HTML / CSS Frontend
  • WordPress / PHP Backend